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In 1965 the company acquired a well-known Bavarian horseradish producer, called Kobmann. Our many years of experience cultivating, processing, and distributing horseradish, herbs, tees, and spices paved the way for this move. Lutz quickly became an insider's tip for the industry.

Our company headquarters are located in the largest horseradish farming region in Germany. Carefully monitored, harvest fresh, and highly modern storage as well as best possible hygienic processing ensure that our BRAND'S HIGH QUALITY STANDARD is maintained.

We are global producers, supplying self-service and bulk purchasers as well as food processing companies.

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About Lutz

In 1965 the well-known Bavarian horseradish producer, Kobmann, was taken over by Josef and Anneliese Lutz. Our many years of experience processing horseradish ...

Lutz Meerrettich


Here's where you find our products. Our fine spicey Horseradish Relish, the fruity mild Cranberry-Cream-Horseradish or also our mustard products ...



The Aischgrund is known far beyond the borders of Franconia for its unrivaled delicacy, horseradish, which is commonly called "Meerrettich" or "Kren" in ...