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Gesicherte Nachhaltigkeit Prüfsiegel 2017

Meerrettich- und Konservenfabrik
Lutz GmbH & CoKG

Aischtalweg 11
91486 Uehlfeld/Bay
Tel. 09163 671
Fax. 09163 1587

Registerger. Fürth/Bayern
HRA 4846

Registerger. Fürth/Bayern
HRB 10626

Joseph Lutz

Aischtaler Horseradish and Canning Factory Lutz

In 1965 the well-known Bavarian horseradish producer, Kobmann, was taken over by Josef and Anneliese Lutz. Our many years of experience processing horseradish, herbs, tees, and spices paved the way for this change. Our company has always been headquartered in the largest horseradish farming region in Germany.

Each year we process up to 700 tons of horseradish. Farmers in the region deliver the product to us in trucks and it is immediately examined for quality. Since horseradish is only harvested twice a year, in late fall and early spring, we are especially careful to ensure that it is preserved and stored properly in our cold storage house at temperatures of about -2°C. This carefully monitored, harvest fresh, and highly modern storage method ensures that we can process the best raw materials to produce our products. This together with the best possible hygienic conditions for processing ensure that we maintain our BRAND'S HIGH QUALITY STANDARD.